Dangerous Myths of the Medical Industry

The medical industry is a juggernaut entity that carries with it its own sense of legitimacy. Throughout the history of medicine, guilds and professionals have carefully and knowingly cultivated this sense through highly proactive public policy initiatives aimed at praising the impartiality of the industry and simultaneously condemning the “backward and archaic” ways of natural … Continue reading Dangerous Myths of the Medical Industry


The Dangers of GMO Mosquitos

Despite all of the fears surrounding the birth defects that the Zika virus carries with it, there is something a lot scarier on the horizon if biotechnology companies get their way in terms of how they propose to combat the virus: by releasing non-biting, genetically-engineered mosquitos into the wild. The biotech firm Oxitec has genetically … Continue reading The Dangers of GMO Mosquitos

Aspartame: Sweet Poison and its Many Complications

Aspartame, the artificial sweetener, is one of the most dangerous food additive available on the market today. Its list of adverse side effects continues to grow as more information and research comes to light. However, as that list continues to grow, so does the Canadian consumption of this harmful chemical. In this article we will … Continue reading Aspartame: Sweet Poison and its Many Complications