Debunking Misconceptions about Organic Food

People who spend a long time arguing for GMOs often spend an equal amount of time arguing that there is no difference between organic foods and conventionally grown foods, whether GMOs or not. The fact of the matter is that there are some significant differences between organic foods and those which are conventionally grown. Below … Continue reading Debunking Misconceptions about Organic Food


7 Things about GMOs We Want You to Know

There is a great debate happening around the world about the safety of genetically modified organisms and food, whether or not they are safe or sustainable, and whether or not we should be tampering with the relatively perfect system that nature has devised over millennia. While it is impossible to weigh in on the science … Continue reading 7 Things about GMOs We Want You to Know

Our Quick Tips for Avoiding GMOs

There are plenty of reasons to avoid purchasing and consuming Genetically Modified foods and agricultural products including health, safety, supporting local businesses instead of transnational corporations and helping contribute to a more ethical food industry via consumer buying power. Below are our quick tips for avoiding GMOs and foodstuffs. Avoid processed foods. It is estimated … Continue reading Our Quick Tips for Avoiding GMOs

3 Threats to Health Freedom in Canada

Natural Health Product Regulations In the mid-1990s Health Canada started attacking NHPs. Products were taken away from Canadians because they were not complying with the chemical drug regulations. Canadians became so alarmed that they rebelled. This was perhaps the largest citizen movement in Canadian history. The message from Canadians was clear: we wanted our access … Continue reading 3 Threats to Health Freedom in Canada

The Dangers of GMO Mosquitos

Despite all of the fears surrounding the birth defects that the Zika virus carries with it, there is something a lot scarier on the horizon if biotechnology companies get their way in terms of how they propose to combat the virus: by releasing non-biting, genetically-engineered mosquitos into the wild. The biotech firm Oxitec has genetically … Continue reading The Dangers of GMO Mosquitos

The Debate Around GMOs is Over: They Are Unsafe

In a recent Forbes article from 2014, author Jon Entine claimed that the debate around GMO foods was over because of a “new trillion meal study” that showed through common sense that they do not pose a significant or unusual health threat to either livestock eating them or the humans that consume them as well. … Continue reading The Debate Around GMOs is Over: They Are Unsafe

Glyphosate: Why You Should Be Concerned About This Harmful Chemical

If the name Glyphosate doesn’t mean much to you, that’s likely because you know this chemical by its more popular name, RoundUp – Monsanto’s broad-spectrum chemical herbicide of which it is the main active constituent part. In this article, we will briefly explore what glyphosate is, how it works, what it does to the human … Continue reading Glyphosate: Why You Should Be Concerned About This Harmful Chemical